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Sleeping with a Snorer? 6 Simple Solutions

Sleeping with a snorer? Six simple solutions to get you through.

Sharp elbows, swift kicks, a minor midnight argument and another sleepless night. Snoring is one of the biggest causes of sleep disturbances affecting 37 million people on a regular basis. In many of these cases, it is the person sleeping next to the snorer who experiences the most disturbance to their sleep.

Sleeping with a snorer can take its toll on both your health and relationship. High levels of fatigue and sleepiness are reported by people who have snoring partners which can impair both cognitive tasks involving memory and learning and motor skills which can lead to headaches, irritability, burnout and depression. Unfortunately there is no miracle cure but there are some changes you can make to your sleep routine to try and help.

Change the sound

Having a good sleep playlist, audio book or some white noise can help enormously. White noise is a neutral sound which covers all wavelengths and assists in desensitising your ears to outside noise such as snoring.

Change your pillows

Allergies can lead to snoring as people’s nasal passages can get congested. In order to eliminate and decrease the frequency and severity of the snoring, dust your room regularly and ensure you are replacing your pillows every 6 months. It will also help if the snorer sleeps on a thicker pillow as this will help to open up the airways.

Roll the person onto their side

Lying on your back causes your tongue to collapse onto the back wall of your mouth and throat which leads to loud snoring. Try gently rolling your partner onto their side and putting some pillows under their back to sustain the position.

Get a bigger bed

Sharing smaller beds can make sleep difficult at the best of times but when you are sleeping with a snorer, it can be particularly frustrating. If you can, try and invest in a larger bed, this will give you more room to move about.

Sleep in separate bedrooms

While some people worry sleeping separately could take away from the intimacy of their relationship, many find they can be more intimate due to feeling less tired and irritable. A bad night’s sleep can have a knock on effect for everything else in your life, including your relationship and sleeping separately may be the most sensible option.

Do you struggle with a snoring partner? What are your go-to solutions?


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