Struggling to Sleep in the Heat? Our Top Tips for Summer

As the weather heats up, it gets increasingly difficult to sleep. Unfortunately, not all of us have air conditioning and sleep can evade us. So what can you do to keep cool to sleep this summer?

Open your windows (at night!)

Make sure to open your windows in the evening when the weather has cooled and, if possible, throughout the night. But be sure to leave the windows shut until it’s cooler outside than inside!

Keep your curtains and blinds shut

Rather than shutting your curtains and blinds when you go to bed, try keeping them shut during the hottest hours of the day too. This should help keep the temperature down in your bedroom.

Choose cotton!

When choosing your pyjamas and bedsheets, be sure to choose 100% cotton. The fabric is light and breathable and makes the perfect choice to keep cool. Man-made fibres tend to leave you hotter and more uncomfortable.

Buy a fan

This one may sound obvious, but where bringing in an AC system is expensive, buying a fan is a relatively cheap way to keep cool throughout the evening, keeping cool air circulating.

Fill a hot water bottle with ice cold water

This is a handy and creative way to keep cool at night. For extra cool, put the hot water bottle in your bed half an hour before going to bed to chill your sheets.

Have a shower

Taking a shower before bed is a well known relaxation technique to help aid sleep. In the warmer weather, try taking  a cool shower before bed time to cool you off. If this doesn’t help, try a hot shower. Whilst this sounds counter-intuitive, having a hot shower helps some people adjust to the higher temperatures and get to sleep.

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