Father’s Day gifts for the techy dad

Father’s day gift ideas for the techy Dad

There are usually two scenarios when it comes to choosing a Father’s Day gift — either you’re at a loss for inspiration and don’t know where to begin, or you’re so overwhelmed by the vast choice that you’re paralysed by indecision. They’re familiar feelings to all, so to take some of the hard work out of finding that perfect gift, we’ve picked five of the best gadgets for the tech-mad Dad in your life.

A Miniature Drone


We all know how much boys love their toys, and miniature drones have really taken off in the last couple of years. With a whole range of models on the market, large and small, these are certainly one step up from the remote control car he probably had as a boy.

Coming in mid-price range, this Rayvor Quadcopter from Argos would make a great gift for the first-time flyer. It’s a robust little thing and has an entertaining flip function, so guaranteed to withstand some bumpy landings and provide hours of entertainment for big and little kids alike. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed there will be some nice weather on Father’s Day and over the summer holidays, so with any luck he’ll get ample opportunity to try out his new gadget down the park or in the back garden.

Cuisinart Griddle and Grill

It surely happens every summer — you’ve bought the burger buns, the ketchup and all the extra toppings and then the heavens open and put a dampener on the longed-for barbecue. The disappointment is probably particularly acute for Dad, who was all ready to demonstrate his skills with the naked flame, spatula and home-made burgers.

If there’s a chance rain will stop play this Father’s Day, you might want to treat him to a Cuisinart GR4CU Griddle and Grill from John Lewis. Its sleek design and brushed stainless steel finish will make it a smart addition to any kitchen, while the large reversible grill and griddle plates mean you can cater for up to eight people. With one of these your Dad can show off his culinary prowess despite the vagaries of the weather…

Kokoon Sleep Sensing Headphones


In a world which seems to value speed above all else, where we’re constantly on the go and living in an almost perpetual state of high-anxiety, what could be more desirable than a good night’s sleep?

The world’s first sleep sensing headphones from Kokoon are one of the smartest bits of technology out there, and tune into the wearer’s body to help them fall into a regenerative deep sleep and to wake up naturally. By blocking out external noise and monitoring brainwaves, these groundbreaking headphones improve sleep quality by tapping into your natural sleep cycle, making them a perfect way to unwind and relax after a stressful day. Treat your Dad to the gift of a good night’s sleep this Father’s Day, he’s surely earned it!

Smartphone Charging Mat


Think about Star Wars or any futuristic sci-fi film, and the one thing you won’t see is the hero getting tangled up in wires as he deals with all the fancy technology around him. Knotted wires and a lack of plugs are an annoyance we could all do without, so a wireless smartphone charging mat could answer all your problems.

One of the best on the market is this PowerSquare Tango charging mat, which can juice two smartphones at once and will therefore limit arguments over who gets first dibs on the plug. It’s nice and compact, so can perch on any little side table while it does its thing, and is reasonably priced so it won’t break the bank this Father’s Day.

Car Seat Heater and Cooler


Cars have become an extension of our homes, crammed full of all sorts of cool technology to make the time spent in them more bearable. Your Dad probably has all the satnavs, iPad holders and on-board computer software any man could need, so why not think about making things a little comfortable?

A clever, practical piece of technology, temperature controlled seat cushions such as this one from Viotek could certainly make driving a more enjoyable experience for the man behind the wheel. There’s nothing worse than hot leather on a warm summer’s day or a freezing cold car in the depths of winter — this might just be the gift he never knew he needed!

We hope that’s given you some inspiration and spared the techy Dads out there from the run-of-the-mill chocolates and cufflinks — whatever gifts you get him, however you choose to celebrate, have a very happy Father’s Day and see that he’s spoilt rotten!

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