How to sleep comfortably on a cold night

Generally, your body prefers a cool temperature in order to induce sleep and help you achieve a deep, restorative slumber. However, if a room is too cold, it can cause you to wake more frequently and you may find it more difficult to get back to sleep if you wake in the night. For a decent night’s sleep, comfort is one of the most important criteria.

Below are some of our tips for helping you to keep warm on those frosty nights.


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Wear warm layers

Wearing layers as opposed to one thick sleepsuit gives you the option to shed clothing during the night, as your body warms up. As we know, sleeping at a slightly cooler temperature leads to a deeper, longer sleep so you don’t want to overheat your body.


Have a warm shower or bath

This will gently warm and relax you to help you feel sleepy, content and ready for bed.


Have blankets near by

If you do become cooler during the night, you have something you can easily reach for to warm you up and equally, easily kick off if you find yourself getting too warm. Try and keep the blankets at your feet to keep them warm; your feet are often one of the first parts of your body to experience the cold.


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Hot water bottle

Simply place it at you feet, under your sheets or blanket. It should stay warm all night keeping your toes and body nice and toasty.


Have a hot beverage

Drinking something warm raises your core body temperature. A herbal tea or hot water and lemon are perfect bedtime companions. The lack of caffeine means you won’t be tossing and turning all night.


Snuggle up

Reap the benefits of natural body heat and move in close to your partner. If you have a pet, having them on the bed with you could also be a good source of warmth.


Sleeping in Kokoon's


Get moving

Some gentle stretches, yoga or a short walk can have the desired effect of warming up your body without you over exerting yourself and ensuring you remain relaxed before bed.

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