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Kokoon May Update: Progress with PP2

Welcome to another Kokoon update. This month’s update will be a quick one, as we’re continuing to work through our second pre-production run (PP2).

In our last update, following on from PP1, we tested our headphones both in the factory and with the help of testers here in the UK, to identify areas which needed our attention ahead of our next run. Our testing revealed a few areas with room for improvement, however no major issues were found.

We’ve now incorporated all of our feedback and results from testing, and submitted our changes to the factory, ready for PP2. This required some changes to our tools which have also now been made, and we’ll be beginning the PP2 run shortly, and on schedule.

In time to begin our PP2 run, we also now have our PCBs manufactured and ready for assembly into the headphones. Below, you can see just some of the PCBs which are in the factory.

PCBs ready for programming

Close up of PCBs, labelled for PP2.

Below, you can see the fixture which we use to program the Bluetooth modules before they are soldered onto the PCBs. (This is a much faster programming method than programming the Bluetooth module after it has been assembled onto the PCB).

Bluetooth programming fixture

Once the PCBs arrive in the factory the next step is to program the other components with our firmware. This is done by placing the PCBs on a ‘bed of nails’ and connecting them to a computer with our programming software. Below, you can see the equipment set up for this, and some of our factory workers loading our firmware onto PCBs.

Set up for programming


Programming the PCBs

The PCBs are also tested individually, to ensure the PCB’s functional blocks are working correctly. Below, you can see a photo of the test rig we use to do this.

PCB test rig

Ahead of PP2 being manufactured and assembled, we have also been looking at our quality control checks on the manufacturing line. Below, you can see photos of two of the machines we use to check the quality coming off the line. The device in the below picture is used to measure the acoustic performance of our headphones.

Acoustic test device

The photo above shows only the mechanical parts used in this acoustic test station, these parts are then wired up to acoustic test equipment to complete the test station.

Below is a photo of the main mechanical component of the test fixture which allows us to connect a signal generator to the EEG electrodes (inside the ear-cups). Again, this has not been wired up to a signal generator in the below photo. The device is then connected to a PC application and the signal is measured. If the signal is within our required bounds the production test passes.

EEG Sensor Test Fixture


We are continuing to work to the schedule we posted in our last update and we anticipate shipping a small number of units out at the end of May, with shipping then increasing through June and beyond. We’ll be in touch with all of our customers individually when we are preparing your shipments.

That’s all for now, we hope you enjoyed reading. We’ll be sharing photos of our PP2 units as soon as possible, and updating you on progress with mass manufacture. As always, we love hearing from you either through, email or through our social media channels FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Best wishes,

The Kokoon Team

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