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How to have a good day


10 great ways to start your day

Put on your favourite song

Listening to music stimulates the formation of certain brain chemicals and can increase the neurotransmitter dopamine, the brain’s motivation muscle. Music can also improve your mood, reduce stress and make you feel more powerful, hopeful and in control.

Don’t hit snooze

As tempting as it is to get those extra couple of minutes in bed, it is actually doing you more harm than good. Rather than letting your body finish its natural sleep cycle, hitting the snooze button and letting yourself drift off again causes your brain to start a new cycle and when the alarm goes off a second time, you are more likely to be at an even deeper, earlier part of your cycle which will leave you feeling worse than you did the first time.

Get some natural light

Our bodies need light at the right times of the day to help the internal body clock. Exposing yourself to natural light first thing in the morning benefits your alertness, mood, productivity and sleep patterns.

Don’t reach for your phone

Checking your emails first thing in the morning can really set the tone for the rest of your day. Those precious first waking minutes should be just about you. Try using an old fashioned alarm clock and keep your phone in another room or turn your emails off.


One of the best things you can do upon waking is to drink a large glass of water. While sleeping, you have gone 7–8 hours without drinking and although you might not feel thirsty, your body slowly becomes dehydrated. Water first thing in the morning re-hydrates you, fires up your metabolism, flushes out toxins, gives your brain fuel and can make you eat less.

Make your bed

It gives you a feeling of accomplishment making you feel organised and ready to start the day, it creates a positive state of mind when you go to bed as you are no longer battling with a messy room after a stressful day and having a de-cluttered space lowers your stress levels.

Focus on today

Stressed out about something that happened yesterday? Forget it. You can’t change it so focus on today instead.


It feels amazing and helps to wake you up. It works to increase flexibility and range of motion in the muscles and joints. It also improves circulation and relieves tension.


Exercising first thing in the morning sets a healthy tone for the rest of your day, the rush of endorphin’s you feel after a workout boost both your energy and your mood. It also improves productivity and provides you with better sleep.

Make a mental or physical note of three things you are grateful for

It boosts your well-being, increases energy levels and has been linked to a better immune system. A bit of positive thinking can go a long way.


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