Mind & Body

Find a calm, quiet space where you are able to relax. Sit or lie down, whichever you find most comfortable, and close your eyes. You may find it more relaxing to do this in a dark or dimly lit room.

Concentrate on taking long, deep breaths. In and out, deeply, from your diaphragm.

Beginning at your feet and working your way up, tense your muscles. Squeeze tightly for a few seconds and then release. Do this a few times, before moving to the next group of muscles, while continuing to take slow, deep breaths. Work from your toes, up your legs and torso, moving to your hands and arms.

Scrunch up your eyes and release, feeling a deep relaxation as you do so. Do this three of four times as you sink deeper into relaxation.

Imagine yourself on a journey to a relaxing place, a place you find peaceful and comforting. Where would this be for you? Could this be a calm beach, a quiet forest, a still, crystal clear lake?

Remember to keep breathing deeply. Slowly. Calmly.

Take special care to really ‘notice’ what’s around you, feel the warmth of the sun on your back.

Toes in the sand

On the beach? Imagine the feel of sand between your toes as you walk, listening to the waves roll gently, breathing in the fresh ocean air. Feel the cool water wash over your feet as you walk.

In a forest? Listen to the birds in the trees, and marvel at the beautiful colours of the flower and fauna around you. Feel the breeze through the trees, and listen to the crunch of leaves under your feet.


Perhaps you’re dangling your feet into that crystal clear, cool lake and watching the fish swim past, brushing against your feet.

Take a moment here to yourself. Relax Let the stress and anxiety of the day melt away. Take the time to see, hear, smell, touch and perhaps even taste the environment around you. Reach out with all five senses.

Road Meditating

When you are ready, let your visualisation fade away and slowly open your eyes.

Visualising a relaxing surrounding and focusing your mind on peaceful thoughts can help to calm an anxious and stressed mind. Spend some time regularly to focus on yourself and keep the stress of daily life from building up.


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